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Grand Opening

We are officially opening the microbrewery in the crypt on 3rd November at 7.30

Join us for a great evening of celebration, beer tasting and fine cheeses!

Tickets are available on eventbright:

Our Story

We started St Mary’s Brewery in 2016 based on three passions:

A passion for great beer
A passion to build a thriving community
A passion for the youth work of St Mary’s Primrose Hill

With a shrinking pool of available grants for youth work and ambitions to brew beer, the idea of starting our own brewery began to form. When the old boilers were thrown out of the crypt and after a couple of pints in the pub the idea to mash up below St Mary’s was firmly fused. With the the full support of our vicar, Marjorie and the Bishop of Edmonton, Rob the project was born with two conditions: Firstly the Bishop gets the first pint and secondly we make non-alcoholic drinks! We’re still working on the latter but in October 2016 we gave the Bishop our first pint and he blessed the beer in front of 100 guests and a great evening of London craft beer tasting.

Our friends at Ubrew in Bermondsey have been instrumental in our development, and guiding us on our way and helping us instal kit in the crypt. at Ubrew we learned the art of brewing, met like minded brewers and created our beer with the fantastic help of master brewer Johnny Clayton.

We have had a great support from our beer loving supporters and if we continue in this direction we’ll be able to start making a difference to the great work of St Mary’s youth work.

Steve & Roddy

Our Beers

Crypt American Pale Ale has an intensely rich malt bill resulting from a strong backbone of Best Pale malted barley combined with Vienna malt to add complexity and provide a rich colour, Caramalt to help show off the hops and Wheat Malt and Oat Malt to give a fuller body. It has a strong and simple hop schedule comprising Magnum to add bitterness, Columbus for a wonderful resinous flavour, Simcoe to add a classic citrusy flavour and finally Cascade for subtle floral touch.

It’s a unique beer of medium hop bitterness characterised by a delicate balance of amber, floral and fruity flavours.

Holy Smoke is a traditional London Porter. Purportedly, the name was first recorded in the 18th century, and is thought to come from its popularity with street and river porters when drinking water had health risks and energy drinks had yet to be invented.

It is a dark style of beer with a malt bill comprised of Golden Promise, Amber, Cara and Munich malts to form the ‘nutritious’ backbone and this has been combined with the rich intensity of Oak Smoked Wheat to give a subtle hint of smoke, Chocolate malt to add the classic chocolaty flavour and Black malt for colouring. The Porter has been hopped with Magnum to provide bitterness to counteract the sweetness of the beer and the schedule has been kept deliberately light in order to show off the malts.

New Rose English India Pale Ale (IPA) is our traditional beer based on a solid malt bill. The Maris Otter barley combined with Crystal and Biscuit malt results in a subtle body with a depth of sweetness and hints of ‘breadiness’.

We have added wheat for head retention and the IPA has been mashed at a slightly higher temperature to enhance its smoothness. It has been hopped with Magnum for bitterness and then flavoured with four separate additions of East Kent Goldings to give a quintessentially traditional English flavour with notes of spice and earthy honey.

Percy Dearmer is a tribute to the famous third Vicar of St Mary’s. It’s a strong Abbeye Triple - Belgium style.

It uses a traditional combination of malts; predominantly Best Pale Ale combined with Munich Malt and Crystal Light creating a subtle body with a depth of sweetness.

It has been lightly hopped with Magnum for bitterness and then fermented with Abbaye Yeast harnessing the unmistakable aroma and effervescence of trappist ales with a subtle, well balanced character.


All our beers are available in cases of 24, and presentation packs of 3 and 4 :

Case 24: £48.00
Three Pack: £8.00
Four Pack: £10

At the moment we can only deliver to the following areas:
NW1,3,4,5,6 and 8
Please email
to take care of your order

You can also buy from our farmers market stall on Saturday’s 10-4, Primrose Hill farmers market:

Youth Work at St Mary’s

We are passionate for the ground breaking youth work at St Mary’s. Primrose Hill is a hugely diverse area of London - although it‘s one of the most exclusive places to live it’s also has a large number of young people (36% across Camden) living in poverty with many at risk from violence and crime.

St Mary’s Youth Work is non-religious and serves local young people between the ages of 6 and 25 many of whom may be at risk of social exclusion, mental health issues and facing violence. The team lead by Jason Allen is doing an inspirational job. Last year they worked intensely with 236 young people and had over 12,000 attendances at drop in sessions throughout the year. They also carry out street based ‘detached’ work with youth threatening gang violence. This is groundbreaking work. As other youth services close, the work to encourage young people, to foster their confidence and skills and to give them a safe place away from street violence is vital. To find out more please visit
Registered Charity No. 1132701

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